Applying for your NICOP

Applicants can apply for their NICOP using one of the following options:

Applying through NADRA Swift Registration Centre (NSRC)

Applying through NSRC is quickest way to get your NICOP. NSRC facilities are available at NADRA offices in London, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester. Applicants do not need any application forms, photographs or photocopies to process their application. Their personal appearance with original documents is compulsory for live data capturing.

Click here for details on applying NICOP through NSCR

Applying Manually (by filling printed application forms)

Manual applications are only being accepted at NADRA office in Glasgow or by NADRA Mobile Registration Teams during their surgeries. Applicants need to download, print and fill the application forms, attach their photos and required documents and submit their completed applications to NADRA office. Personal appearance of applicant is not compulsory but applicants need to send their original documents with their application to verify the authenticity of the application.