NICOP Application Types

NADRA is processing following types of NICOP applications in London and other Consulates. Applicants are encouraged to read the following information carefully and choose the correct application type before visiting the NADRA.

Note: SNICOP applications submitted in wrong category may result in rejection and loss of fee.

New Smart NICOP

Applying for the First Time

Required documents


Applicants already having registration with NADRA Database

  1. Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC / Urdu Card)
  2. Child Registration Certificate (CRC)
  3. Ordinary NICOP

Required documents


New Smart NICOP for Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or Child Registration Certificate (CRC) holder

For applicant already holding Computerized ID Card i.e. CNIC (Shanakhti Card / ) OR Computerized Child Registration Certificate i.e. CRC / B-Form.

Required documents


Modification of SNICOP

For applicant already holding SNICOP and wants to modify or Change particulars in his / her existing SNICOP.

Required documents


Renewal of SNICOP

For applicant holding an expired SNICOP.

Required documents


Lost / Duplicate SNICOP

For applicant whose SNICOP is lost and no change required in existing data.

Required documents



Please choose/inform your correct type of SNICOP application while getting the token at NADRA counter. Choosing an incorrect SNICOP application type may result in rejection of application and loss of fee.